SPARTA token (Overview)

The native SpartaDEX token is $SPARTA. Its tokenomics and mechanics governing the ecosystem are precisely designed to provide the greatest usability and low inflation.

The $SPARTA token has a number of utilities:

  • it can be closed in Single Asset Staking, receiving Real Yield from the SpartaDEX revenues and unlocking tiers that allows users to take part in IDOs/private sales;

  • users staking $SPARTA tokens can participate in a governance;

  • they are used to buy premium currency - Gems

The advantage of SpartaDEX over other decentralized exchanges is the fact that the project is community driven. There is no open public sale, besides potential sales carried out by our partners (i.e. DAO Maker), and an Angel Round (2,5%). These actions carry key marketing and image importance for the entire project, but also allow to obtain funds for operations related to ensuring the security of the protocol, conducting the necessary audits, acquiring valuable business contacts and partnerships.

What distinguishes SpartaDEX from other exchanges is also the fact that we share the profit earned not only from DeFi mechanisms, but also the profit from the game (micropayments, NFT claims).

This is possible thanks to an innovative approach to combining the WEB3 game with a fully functional decentralized exchange - Gamified DEX.

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