Our objectives

By combining a decentralized exchange with a strategy game and launchpad, we wanted to:

  • provide a more stable and deeper liquidity for projects, through the gamified yield that depends on the player’s progress in the game, additionally giving a chance to monetize this progress by encapsulating it in the form of tradable NFT;

  • promote and facilitate the launch of new, promising projects, supporting not only public rounds but also private/seed investments with our launchpad platofrm;

  • build an exchange fully managed by the community, where the community decides which projects will be whitelisted and therefore providing liquidity for them will be additionally incentivized with EXP points and token rewards;

  • build a decentralized exchange with a user-friendly, intuitive and inviting interface;

  • build a loyal and valuable community of the decentralized exchange by implementing gaming layer;

  • provide SAS with the opportunity to earn Real Yield from the from the basic mechanics implemented in the game itself (microtransactions) and take part in many great IDOs and private sales, gaining access to a great deal flow. This makes SpartaDEX a very competitive and distinctive compared to other projects;

  • reward liquidity providers of certain pools with the opportunity to receive tokens of other projects in the "Dual Rewards" program;

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