Barbarians are the main antagonists of SpartaDEX. They are a savage tribe hostile to outsiders, ravaging Greek lands for years, spreading fear and destruction. They lead a nomadic lifestyle and inhabit the forests outside the city. The player's task is to face them by invading their settlement, showing strength and power.

The confrontation with the barbarians can take place in two situations:

  • attack of the player's troops on the barbarian camp;

  • barbarian raid on the player's city (available in later updates)

The Barbarian as a unit has the following stats:

  • Strenght: 12

  • Defense: 10

  • Dexterity: 2,5

  • Courage: 14

Attacking a Barbarian Camp:

The player has the opportunity to attack the barbarian camp. Its success is defined by an algorithm that takes into account the number and type of units, their skills, luck, and additional bonuses in combat.

In the event of a successful attack, the player gains some experience, resources, unlocks a map fragment that is part of the collection required to obtain the Map NFT, and has a chance to obtain a small amount of Gems.

A failed attack results in the loss of the player's units.

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