Polis NFT

The town where the game takes place is called polis. Polis literally means β€œcity” in Greek. It is an autonomous city-state in ancient Greece ruled by the citizens themselves.

Polis is the NFT. By minting it you can start playing SpartaDEX. But the only way to progress further and start to upgrade your polis is to add a minimum of $100 of liquidity into the one of the whitelisted pools.

In this NFT, all progress and development of the Polis, all achievements, building levels, research, units are saved. Thanks to this form, highly developed settlements gain additional value and can be sold on the secondary market. Polis with a high level of Senate generate higher APR from LP staking, which translates into their value.

You can leave our DEX, sell your NFT and withdraw liquidity, but remember that such action is subject to a cooldown period or charging a fee (Surrender Tax)*, the value of which remains locked in the pool, increasing the liquidity of a given project forever. This builds a stable and deeper liquidity over time.

  • Instant LP withdrawal - 8% fee

  • 7 day cooldown – 5% fee

  • 14 day cooldown – 2% fee

  • 30 day cooldown - 0% fee

The same rules apply to the withdrawal of any liquidity pool in the SpartaDEX ecosystem.


*Surrender Tax is not charged during the Preparation Period

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