Spartans NFT Collection

The legendary stories of Sparta are not solely attributed to the city itself, but mainly to its people - the indomitable heroes whose incredible deeds have been immortalized. The Spartans NFT Collection pays tribute to these heroes who are still celebrated for their courage, bravery, tenacity, and strength. It’s also them who form the very foundation of SpartaDEX ecosystem.

Spartans NFT the crucial collection, not only serving as lovely PFP, but also playing the key role in the SpartaDEX ecosystem. The full capabilities and benefits of the NFTs will be unveiled gradually as additional protocol functionalities are implemented.

The collection is characterized by a number of utilities and provides incentives unavailable in any other way. Some of them are available to holders at the very beginning of SpartaDEX development, others will be revealed and fully used only at later stages.

The Spartans NFT utility includes:

  • the ability to participate in special quests that diversify the gameplay and provide in-game rewards;

  • access to the multiplayer mode planned for implementation in Q4 2023;

  • share in the airdrop of native exchange token - $SPARTA

  • participation in IDOs on SpartaPad (SpartaDEX launchpad)

...and much more to come!

Spartans NFTs have different levels of rarity β€” Hoplite, Spartan and God.

Both revealed and unrevealed Spartans are available on OpenSea marketplace:

Revealed Spartans: Unrevealed Spartans:

Unrevealed Spartans NFT mint:

The mint of the collection took place on April 5, 2023. The entire collection was minted, no NFTs were burned. Here are some key details regarding the minting process:

  • Network: Arbitrum

  • NFT supply: 5555 (Community: 5300, Treasury: 255)

  • Type: First-come-first-serve

  • Whitelist eligibility: 3 NFTs

  • WL phase minting window: 5th of April, 5:00PM β€” 9:00PM (UTC)

  • Public phase minting window: 5th of April, 9:00 PM β€” 6th of April, 9:00 PM (UTC)

  • Minting cost: β€” WL: 0.06 ETH β€” Public: 0.075 ETH

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