LP Staking

In SpartaDEX, selected projects' liquidity pools are eligible to receive inflation rewards in the $SPARTA token (Ecosystem Rewards) and for some projects, also rewards in the project's token (Dual Rewards) in exchange for LP token staking.

At the beginning of the protocol operation, eligible projects will be pre-selected by the SpartaDEX team, the next ones will be added in a monthly voting process, in which users staking $SPARTA tokens can take part.


Yield from LP staking is variable and depends on the level of Senate reached in the game. We call this solution Gamified Yield. It is a way to increase involvement in the game - regularity and activity of players. More in the โ€œGamified Yieldโ€ section.


Claiming of prizes takes place in the Senate building and the fee for such an operation is fixed and equals to 0,0005 $ETH.

Fees from claiming are divided into 3 equal parts:

  • โ…“ is burned;

  • โ…“ goes to $SPARTA stakers - Real Yield;

  • โ…“ for SpartaDEX development and team;

Ecosystem Rewards division

Claimed inflationary rewards in $SPARTA tokens are split 25% / 75%:

  • 25% goes directly to the user's wallet;

  • 75% are automatically locked in Single Asset Staking*;

*does not apply to dual rewards tokens, which in 100% go into users wallet after claim.

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