Private sales

SpartaPad also offers the opportunity to invest in seed/private rounds of projects. This option is exclusively for experienced investors with at least 25,000 staked $SPARTA tokens. Investments in private rounds are characterized by longer waiting times for listing and extended vesting periods. However, they allow entry into a significantly larger number of projects on better terms. Patience will be rewarded. Private rounds are always slightly oversubscribed, but we strive to adjust the allocation size so that everyone interested can receive one. Having multiples of 25,000 tokens ensures multiples of allocations, i.e., a person with 75,000 staked tokens will receive three times the allocation of someone with 25,000 tokens. The distribution of tokens from the private sale can occur in several ways. The most common method is direct distribution by SpartaPad. In this case, we will periodically send tokens to users who can claim them through the launchpad's website. Token distributions from linear vestings will take place no less frequently than once every 30 days. In some cases, tokens will be sent directly to participants' wallets. The last option is direct distribution by the participants through the specific project. In such cases, we will provide advance notice about it.

From each private sale, we collect a 5% fee from participants, which goes towards the treasury. For example, by investing $1000, you receive an allocation worth $950. The remaining $50 of the allocation goes to Sparta's treasury.

Important: The refund program does not cover private rounds!

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