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| The unique idea of gamified DEX

A decentralized exchange enclosed in an interface of a strategy game is an unprecedented combination. These two elements, although they don't seem to have much in common, when properly implemented and equipped with a number of well-thought-out mechanics, perfectly cooperate and complement each other.
In areas that don't quite function well in standard DEXs, creating a game-based interface helps to mitigate or limit their impact.
The gaming layer also benefits from such a fusion, because thanks to the implementation of financial mechanisms, players receive an additional stimulus to emotionally engage in the game.
Benefits for DEX:
  • ensuring greater involvement and loyalty of users (players), which translates into more stable liquidity;
  • easier onboarding of new users thanks to friendly UX/UI;
Benefits for the game:
  • introduction of a real and quantifiable goal of the game (APR growth);
  • the ability to reward players with financial profits;
  • Loyalty Minting - your time and dedication to the game is not pointless, but is monetized in the form of NFT, the value of which increases as you progress in the game;