Blockchain - To Arbitrum and beyond

SpartaDEX is a multichain protocol that will initially operate on the Arbitrum blockchain. This chain was chosen for its modern approach to scalability, transaction fees, and speed of operation, which are particularly valuable for gaming projects that involve a substantial number of transactions made by players. It's worth emphasizing that the launchpad itself is chain-agnostic and supports every EVM network, thus not limiting investment possibilities.


is a layer 2 solution created to improve the performance of smart contracts on Ethereum, especially in the area of speed, scalability, transaction costs, while increasing privacy. All this with the help of security provided by L1 Ethereum.

Other chains

Expansion to other chains is in the project’s roadmap. They will be carefully selected based on a thorough analysis and evaluation, so that SpartaDEX's operation meets the highest standards in terms of scalability, low fees and security.

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