Real Yield and three-way distribution of funds - self-financing

SpartaDEX is a fusion of a gaming project and a decentralized exchange. This type of unusual combination allows to introduce economic mechanisms that could not exist in ordinary DEX. The traditional DEX model allows you to earn only on commissions provided by the operation of the exchange. In SpartaDEX there are more sources of income, which come from the game itself. These include fees from microtransactions or fees from Polis NFT Polis and Map NFT claims.

Earnings from the functioning of the mechanisms in the game:

  • micropayments (purchase of gems) - each purchase of Gems for $SPARTA tokens is subject to a fee;

  • ecosystem fees - these include fees for claiming prizes or NFT tokens, and any other fees resulting from the use of the game;

All funds obtained from the above-mentioned sources are divided into three parts and distributed:

  1. 33.3% is burned and withdrawn from circulation (anti-inflation mechanism);

  2. 33.3% is SpartaDEX earnings, thanks to which the exchange is self-sufficient and naturally generates income for further development and securing its operation;

  3. 33.3% is distributed among the stakers as Real Yield;

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