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Single Asset Staking

The native SpartaDEX token - $SPARTA can be staked to receive Real Yield from the exchange's revenue (swap fees, micropayments, other fees) and inflation rewards in $SPARTA tokens.
$SPARTA tokens can be staked voluntarily, through the Senate building, or obligatorily - by receiving inflation prizes in the $SPARTA token (Ecosystem Rewards).
The APR for Single Asset Staking depends on the Real Yield value and the number of tokens staked by users.
Unstaking $SPARTA tokens is possible after a cooldown period of 10 days, and is associated with a 50% fee. Only the cooldown period of 110 days allows unlocking tokens without any commission. Each day reduces the fee by 0.5%.
Users can claim their rewards and withdraw their staked tokens after the unstaking period has ended.
Claiming of prizes takes place in the Senate building and the fee for such an operation is fixed and equals to 0,0005 $ETH.
Fees from claiming are divided into 3 equal parts:
  • ⅓ is burned;
  • ⅓ goes to $SPARTA stakers - Real Yield;
  • ⅓ for SpartaDEX development;
This is the user interface of Single Asset Staking: