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Liquidity providing

As in any decentralized exchange, also in SpartaDEX you can add liquidity for any DEX pair. This is done in the Senate building, or using the button in the side menu. A large pool of liquidity is necessary to ensure smooth trading on the decentralized exchange, and more stable prices.
In exchange for providing liquidity, users receive a fee from transactions that are made using their assets.
Adding liquidity Liquidity is typically provided in both pair tokens in 50/50 ratio, yielding LP tokens in return, which can be staked for rewards on selected pairs (see LP Staking).
Adding a minimum of $100 in liquidity is a prerequisite for upgrading the city and progressing in the game. The pace of experience gain also depends on the value of liquidity provided.
Unbinding liquidity You can withdraw liquidity from the pool, but such action is subject to a cooldown period or higher fee (Surrender Tax), the value of which remains in the pool, increasing the liquidity of a given project forever. Surrender Tax values are as follows:
  • Instant LP withdrawal - 8% fee
  • 7 day cooldown – 5% fee
  • 14 day cooldown – 2% fee
  • 30 day cooldown - 0% fee
Below you can see the user interface of SpartaDEX's liquidity management section: